Cult Collective


The Cult Collective was formed in response to the Twin Cities rapidly growing revolution in the independent local craft industries of fashion, art/design, gastronomy, and cinema. We are a collective of creative and experienced event producers, notable local fashion designers, art directors, and cultural curators. We are committed to engaging all industries and communities to bring forth diversity. We are a conduit for collaboration in an effort to inspire and push the boundaries of our current community. We are a platform for emerging forward thinkers that will contribute and transform our cultural scene. With a 7,000+ collective fan base of supporters, the Cult Collective are premier cultural curators with expansive reach across multiple

Our mission is to cultivate community culture that ignites diversity, strengthens collaboration, and creates a platform for emerging ideas to transform our cultural scene through one-of-a-kind Tastemaker events. We are a conduit for collaboration in an effort to inspire and push the boundaries of our current commonwealth. We are cultivating a community experience where you can truly engage and belong.

The Cult Collectiveʼs "ICONS" annual event aimed to elevate the local film, music, fashion, and craft gastronomy scene through exciting and diverse programming.

In addition, the Cult Collective produced unique Pop-Up events with a focus on intentional and unique collaborations that highlight whatʼs next in local food, film, fashion, comedy, art, music, and more. Pop-Up events will take the shape of underground supper clubs, secret parties, concerts, book readings, or comedy. Each Pop-Up event will bring together those that wish to find out something new while showing off their areas of expertise. Paired with the flavor and flair of the Twin Cities, classic nightlife activities like eating out or going to a movie are reinvented into a more intimate and interactive experience.


Photos: Gregg Jiracek

Vilay Dethluxay