Black Magik Woman III

Recently, I had the immense honor and pleasure of being the muse for painter Steph Guidera and photographer Nancy MusinguziThey were paired together as artists for the upcoming Black Magik Woman III, an all female photography and artist event taking place at Norseman Distillery in NE Minneapolis on Mon. April 24th, 2017.

Nancy and I got together one afternoon to shoot at a few places of my choosing that held meaning for me. I chose the Hmong Village in East St. Paul because the market always transports me to SE Asia and the U of M's greenhouses that hold large beautiful cactuses and tropical plants. Based on those photographs, Steph made her selection and then turned that photo into a painted portrait of me. 

There were so many amazing women that were a part of this show that I am so proud to know and call my friends. I feel incredibly lucky to continue working and supporting this amazing community of women. #WOMANCE

Details about the event:

Black Magik Woman is an ALL FEMALE photography and artist event, highlighting and empowering every woman we can reach. Through collaborative images and art pieces we hope to bring positivity to the view of the female form and change the generalizations and stereotypes that women are faced with on a day-to-day basis. The future is female.

Art pieces by:

Sarah White & She She
Serene Enloe & Sophia Rasmea
Jenna Mahr & Dre Demry-Sanders
Nicole Feest & Mixie D
Athena Pelton & Caitlin Karolczak
Colleen Eversman & Taylor Dees
Madalyn Rowell & KNZ
Diana Albrecht & Ashley Mary
Hanna Voxland & Kindred Folk
Carla Rodriguez & Lindsey Cherek
Eleza Seidenstein & Gretchen Hoehn
Lindsay Gorman & Ari Woeste
Nancy Musinguzi & Steph Guidera
Hillary Olson & Stephanie Friest
Katie Essick & Fabrik Marge

and Connie Mrotek

Special guests Róisín & DJ Keezy will be spinning the tunes! Stef Tupy will be guest spotting behind the bar! And make sure to stick around for a very special LIVE performance by Gigi Zirbes & Erin Busko!