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SABAIDEE (hello in Lao)

Born in a refugee camp near the Mun River in the SE Isan Region of Thailand, Vilay attributes her DIY personality, never-ending adventure addiction, and "bo bpen yung" attitude ("don't worry about it" Lao motto) to her humble beginnings.

From the Mekong to the Mississippi, Vilay was raised in the rural prairies of Minnesota, but she honed her career skills in the Twin Cities, LA, SF, and NYC. She's worked on unique projects ranging from Michael Jackson's 45th Birthday Party to photo shoots filled with the world's cutest babies for As an experienced Creative Producer, her work has been spotlighted by City PagesStar TribunePioneer Press, Minnesota Monthly, and The Weekly PlannerThe Sound Unseen team was honored in 2016 by MovieMaker Magazine by making their annual "25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World" list for their Film & Music Festival.

Vilay brings over 15 years of combined industry experience in multimedia, film + music festivals, art projects, entertainment, photo shoot production, marketing/communications, social media, digital production, content curation, and event management. She deeply values accountability + communication, ensures a diverse lens across all projects, encompasses cultural competency, and utilizes wit, humor, and gratitude as a common practice. She is known for her natural leadership, knack for community collaboration, and juggling multiple cross-sector projects with the utmost professionalism. Her clients include Pollen Midwest, GO Media, Weight Watchers Global Innovation Team, and Juxtaposition Arts.

When she's not in front of her laptop, you will find her exploring the Pacific Northwest as a new Portland denizen, trying out new lures while fishing her heart out, pounding chilis in her mortar & pestle, squeezing her fat cat Freddie Cupcakes, or learning how to read/write in her native language.